Monday, December 14, 2009

1930's California Style House - $ 250

Lots of style and charm comes with this old house. You can just see the kitchen wing on the very left of the house sporting a "stone" wall foundation that goes half way up the wall. The beamed front porch is possibly missing a few overhead boards but there is lots of room for rocking chairs and plants on this lovely porch. Nice period windows in this one-of-a-kind house made in the 1930's. If you are interested in this bargain-priced 1930's house, please email for more information or photos - Merry Christmas, Louise

1930's California Style House - full back view

...with the kitchen wing just off to the right on the downstairs level. Doorways open between the rooms and there is a single light bulb that lights each room.

1930's California Style House - kitchen wing

A very period looking kitchen that needs a little tender loving care to set it right.

1930's California House

Upstairs bedroom over dining room - some interesting political posters hanging on the wall and two fabric "shades" over the windows.

Savannah Georgia Townhouse -
$350 (bathroom fixtures extra but available for sale)
Here is the beautiful Savannah Georgia three-level townhouse. It has wonderful "street appeal" with its brick facade and charcoal window and door trim. The high stairs to the front door just makes it all the more interesting architecturally. The house has lights in the corners of each of the rooms.
The house was built in the 1970's I believe. Sometime in the 1980's, the white plaster roof facade fell off and cracked in the San Francisco earthquake. The repair was made but a thin line can be seen where it was repaired. Adds some interesting history to the house.
Please feel free to email me at for more photos and information if you are interested in this house. Quite a bargain at this price!

Here is the full interior of the three-level Savannah Georgia house. The house is two-rooms deep and has window, floor and wall treatments.

The lovely entrance to the Savannah Georgia house is on the second level. There is a full across-the-breadth-of-the- house room that leads into this entryway and a side room to the entry.
Victorian bathroom in the Savannah Georgia house. Notice the fold-away claw foot tub and the pull-chain toilet is a German made item. The staircase can be seen through the door.

Master Bedroom in the Savannah Georgia House. Wonderful wallpapers and faux pocket doors lead to another room behind.
FOR SALE - 1872 Brazil House

This is a wonderful LARGE house that was brought to California around the 1970's. It was made in 1872 for two little girls in Brazil. The exterior of the house is almost completely original. The only addition was that the lighter tan colored areas appear to have had a "grain" added to make it look more like stucco. The interior of the house is grand and so wonderful to play with because of the larger room sizes. The entire house is five feet long. There is a grand center entrance and staircase and l 1/2 -inch and 1-inch scale items both fit well in this house. Truly a very special house. Not much ever comes available from Brazil so all the more fun! Two more photos on this house are here. If you are interested and would like to see more pictures, please email me at and I will be happy to send more photos and answer questions. There are fireplaces in all the rooms and wall treatments which I believe were added later. I have photos of the house when it first arrived to the USA in the 1970's. ENJOY! Louise

Here is the right side of the Brazil House. A wonderful old kitchen with built-in pantry, area for cook stove, built-in sink with water pump and dish pantry. Center bottom is a very nice sized dining room. Upstairs right is a large bedroom, center is a sitting room with back hall room or another bedroom. You can just see the downstairs center hall and staircase.