Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hello....just an update.
The two houses below have now been sold.
The kitchens are still available at the moment as well as the San Francisco Victorian house.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

FOR SALE: Here is an amazingly charming house done in the French Deaveau style by the German firm of Gottschalk. (Info according to the previous owner---this is an estate sale and I am trying to do my best to describe the items from a past collector).
The beautiful papers are soft in color and things like the window curtains, brick panels on the exterior and entire front facade are all too appealing. The sides and back are painted.
The house is being sold "as is"....there are a few bits of paper missing from the edges of the two doors that open to display the interior of the house; I believe that the black ironwork over the door is new (plastic but it looks nice); and on the papers door stoop there is a round clear glue spot that indicates that something may have been there before...but it seems unlikely that there would have been columns, etc. as the house looks so nice as it is.
The previous owner has written in pencil on the bottom of the house the following, " French, purchased Arlene Adler 1981, Washington D.C. (USA)," I did a little research and Arlene Adler was a major antique dealer/seller in dollhouses, miniatures and doll-related items.
I am selling this charming house for $600 (USA) plus shipping. Please email me at teaqueen123@gmail.com for more info!
The furnishings inside are NOT included in this price but are available for sale---please inquire if you are interested. (Click on the photo to enlarge photo and scroll down to see interior shot.)

FOR SALE: This delightful smaller-scale house is charming for sure. Interior wallpapers appear to me to be replacements but they are in the french-style fleur-de-li pattern. Floor papers are different up and down. The inside of the front door has an ornate paper decorative paper on it.
(click on photo to enlarge it)

FOR SALE: This Whitney Reed style house is a really cute shelf-sitter. A small house with lots of charm.
It is also a mystery to me as the seller. These houses are from an estate so I do not have any history on them.
My feeling about this house is that it is possibly a "copy" of an older house. All the same, it is very nice and would display old or new pieces nicely.
The front opens but the front papers are the same as the back. The base (green) looks to me to be newer wood.
So, with all that said, I cannot determine for sure that this is an old dollhouse or not. So, I am asking $65 (USA) plus shipping for this beautiful little house.
Please email me at teaqueen123@gmail.com if you are interested in this house! Enjoy!
(click on photo to enlarge...and scroll down for interior shots)

FOR SALE: Whitney Reed style house. This small house is a fun piece with colorful exterior papers and wallpapers inside. The hinges on the front-opening door appear old (see photo and the roof (inside) wood looks newer to me. The papers I think are replacements or newer. Perhaps the roof is a replacement?

FOR SALE: The lovely SWAN KITCHEN! This is a child-doll-sized play kitchen. The wooden part appears to me to be repainted but it was old according to the previous owner's records. The lovely cast iron stove is an amazing piece and the lovely copper pieces, cast iron skillet and copper tea kettle are perfect with this kitchen. THere are a few old china dishes, cups, etc from about the late 1800's on the shelf above.
SWAN KITCHEN is for sale for $300 (USA) plus shipping.
Please email if you have questions or are interested in this piece at teaqueen123@gmail.com .
(Click on photo to enlarge)

FOR SALE: A lovely and unique antique shelf type piece from India. There is a "note" that comes with it about its age (the kitchen is currently boxed in storage or I'd tell you what it says). It comes with its owner's original old tin German stove, chairs, metal and wood serving pieces--everything you see here.
Truly a special child-doll-sized toy or an amazing exotic display piece. I am selling it for $150 (USA) plus shipping.
If you are interested in this piece, please email me at teaqueen123@gmail.com. Enjoy!
(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)